Corvette ZR1 maximum speed testing

The stock Corvette ZR1 as tested by CarDataVideo shows us that a possible 207 mph top speed is attainable. With some minor modifications, increased aerodynamics and weight reduction could push this vehicle past 210 mph. Above 200 mph, the worst enemy is wind resistance. The stock Corvette ZR1 does a great job at aerodynamics, but there are still zones worth upgrading. The front bumper is designed for both maximum aerodynamics and functionality. Curbs, bumps, and road lumps made engineers put a decent distance between the bumper and the ground which increases under body wind drag. A new front bumper with canards would do wonders for traction and top speed.

Weight reduction modifications could be performed to reduce the overall force required by the engine in order to move the vehicle. Stripping out the seats for light weight racing seats, removing spare tires, sound system, air conditioning, heater cores, and more the Corvette ZR1 could feasibly shed 100 to 300 pounds. This would increase the power ratio and thus result in a higher top speed. By combining the bumper mod with some intense weight reduction, we could see 210+ mph top speeds and yet we will haven't touched the motor.

Perform an all out motor rebuild with twin turbo forced induction and this vehicle could easily surpass 250+ mph. Just like the C4 "Sledgehammer" which took large advantage of weight reduction, aerodynamics, and power improvement the C6 could be a top speed contender. If they did it 20 years ago, imagine what could be done today by using modern CAD technology and production processes. Even the slightest modification of the ZR1 such as new tires can push it into the 10 second quarter mile range. When GM created the ZR1, they gave us a "real" sports car; plain and simple!

Video content: Corvette ZR1 207 mph top speed testing

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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