Drifting at Toyota Speedway with 'Team Slide'

Team Slide Assassins drifting tore up the Toyota Speedway recently at House of Drift in Irwindale, California. YouDrift.net , "the place to rep your drift",takes us behind the scenes with interviews of drivers, track footage, and more by Eddy T. Special thanks to Eddy T and YouDrift.net for bringing us spectacular footage, we get a chance to see how California drifting should be done. YouDrift.net is the largest online networking site for drifting enthusiasts. With over 260 drifters, a wide array of knowledge, awesome pictures, video, and more drifting content can be viewed. Do you like drifting? Are you a drifter? Join YouDrift.net and never miss a beat!

This event with Team Slide Assassins drifting at Toyota Speedway was awesome! The smell of rubber permeates the air as some of the nations best drifters take the course sideways. Excellent hosting, and great food as commented by TJ Fry. Further into the scene, Eddy T. lands an interview with several drivers. The information and video content is superb, giving the viewers a great feel of being at the track. A very unique blend of talented JDM drifting vehicles can be seen below doing what they do best, drifting!

A great event hosted at an awesome track, packed full of talented drifters is how YouDrift.net gets things done. The whole day wasn't perfect, there was a slight fender bender but it wasn't anything serious. Drifters understand that these types of things happen, and when driving sideways you might end up in the wall. Nothing more than a badge of honor, the vehicle can be easily repaired and back on the track in no time. Drifiting is a unique sport that involves plenty of wrench time, lots of practice, and the acknowledgment that your vehicle might be damaged. Enjoy the following drifting footage at Toyota Speedway with YouDrift.net and Team Slide Assassins!

 Video content: Toyota Speedway drifting with YouDrift.net

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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