Ferrari street touge challenge!

When deciding upon purchasing an exotic sports car, one may have a few questions that arise due to the perplexity and cost of such a large purchase. Do I buy a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lotus, etc.; the list goes on and on. In the following video showing three Ferraris street racing through the Genting Highlands of Malaysia, we are given three reasons why one should purchase a Ferrari. Two of the reasons are black, and one is red. One watch of this clip and you'll be hooked!

There is nothing in the world like a Ferrari, nor is there anything in the world like ripping through a touge style course in the Malaysian mountains with your Ferrari club. The sound of three Ferraris creates a euphoric chorus of Italian supercar pleasure. Watch as these owners push the limits on the mountain road, swoop and pulling through traffic with ease. It just makes my adrenaline rush, I can only imagine what it's like driving one of these exquisite machines.

Ferrari owners have a bad stigma around them that they are street racers and videos like this surely don't help. Just because it looks fun, doesn't mean you should go out and tackle the mountain roads in your Ferrari. However, the following video has Ferrari written all over it. Any suitor of the Ferrari dream typically involves a street race through the mountains. Most of us will never be able to do this in real life, but thanks to the following YouTube video we get a chance to sit front row. Hold on to your mouse! This is one wild ride.

Video content: Three reasons to buy a Ferrari

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