Hilarious Ferrari parody

Ferrari is known as the most elite sports car on the face of the planet. The ultimate race car that is so well built, during a race the driver is barely fatigued. Driving one of these machines around a race track is not a chore like other vehicles. This funny Ferrari parody pokes fun at how easily a Ferrari can be raced on the track.

It's so easy, that you can do other things while racing. Text messaging, knitting, dancing, working the radio, and more pass-time activities typically found being done on interstate travel are accomplished on the track with a Ferrari. This goes to show how fine the Italian craftsmanship can be when a vehicle is hand built!

Of course the question of this video's legitimacy is at stake. If you watch the steering wheel, it is a tough call but I have to say it's fake. The rider appears to be too smooth over the bumps, not thrown into either side of the seat during corners, and at times makes some really sharp corners with barely any steer. Could this be fake, or is it just Ferrari's excellent craftsmanship? When you buy a Ferrari, it may not be as fast as some vehicles on the road but you get quality, luxury, and the assurance of the Ferrari logo. Enjoy the following funny Ferrari parody clip illustrating just how easily a Ferrari can be raced on the track.

Video content: Funny Ferrari parody

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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