Lamborghini Gallardo TT creates 1300 horsepower!

Lamborghini Gallardo represents some of the finest sports car technology in the world, but from the factory they aren't very fast when compared to a fully tuned vehicle. When a Lamborghini Gallardo goes through a tuner's magical transformation into 1300 horsepower, it becomes a fire breathing stallion only a few can tame. It takes a big bank book plus extensive knowledge of the Lamborghini to build one to this astonishing level. Even though it is a Lamborghini, it is still an internal combustion engine and works off the same principles; but the tuning and building methods vary greatly.

The precision of a Lamborghini is where building something like this gets tricky. When building such an exotic vehicle, the main engineering goal is to produce the lightest weight vehicle as possible while still maintaining crash integrity. These light weight parts can easily strip, break, bend, etc. and therefore the need of Lamborghini procedure knowledge would be needed. Beyond the actual procedure of the build, it's still tuning basics. More air and fuel in, more power out.

Video content: Twin turbo Gallardo breathes fire on dyno

As you can see in the above video, just like most tuned vehicles it also suffers from afterfire. Afterfire is a condition where the remaining rich fuel mixture used to cool the high internal combustion temperatures from pressure is burnt off by the hot exhaust pipes. Once the EGT levels are met, the vehicle is ready to produce fire. At approximately 495 degrees, gasoline ignites so the constant 900 to 1600 degree EGT temperatures can easily radiate the pipes hot enough to spark a fire. Thus an afterfire is born!

To achieve 1300 horsepower from a twin turbo setup on a Gallardo, it must be running some major boost levels. The higher the boost, the higher the EGT and the easier it is to spark a fire. Coincidentally, it's also easier to create engine knock and blow the entire engine apart like a grenade. Tuning at these levels is always on the brink of meltdown. Experience is key, everything else is just rolling the dice.

Video content: 1300 horsepower Gallardo dyno run

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