Lap around Nurburgring in a Ford Focus RS

A Ford Focus RS built by Raeder Motorsport completed a lap around Nurburgring in under eight minutes! An amazing run, this clearly establishes the Ford Focus RS chassis and the builder into the Nurburgring scene. In stock form, the Ford Focus RS features a top speed of 163 miles per hour, and a zero to sixty two mile per hour time of only 5.9 seconds. This is not your grandmother's Focus! Sure back in the day the Focus was slow, and considered an economical turd. Ford got together with Volvo and created a five cylinder track beast. Built with rallycross and motorsport in mind, the Ford Focus RS was born.

A true test of the Ford Focus RS, the lap around Nurburgring within the seven minute timeframe is astonishing. The seven minute lap time is what all Nurburgring racers dream for. Completing the lap in under seven minutes has only been accomplished by some of the best vehicles around. Bringing the "Focus" name into anywhere near that esteemed time is an accomplishment of extreme magnitude. This lap wasn't run stock though, the vehicle was modified by Raeder Motorsport and features upgrades common to a full blown race car. They make race cars, so we expect to see an extensive list of modifications built into the Ford Focus RS in order to accomplish this amazing lap time of under eight minutes. Watch the footage below and check out how nimble and surprisingly fast this new Ford Focus RS can be when properly modified.

Video content: Ford Focus RS Nurburgring

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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