Mazda Miata changes lanes under semi trailer!

While traveling down I-4 outside of Tampa Bay, a Mazda Miata recorded via cell phone themselves driving under a moving semi trailer! The semi was toting a massive I-beam at highway speed, and all of a sudden the driver of the Miata decides to pass under the trailer. At stock ride height, the Mazda Miata sits 48.2 inches tall. The only chance this car has of driving underneath a moving semi is when the tractor trailer is moving a segmented load. Segmented loads use the cargo as the trailer chassis, and attach the rear wheels to the tractor via the cargo medium. In this case, the cargo medium is a preformed cement I-beam, probably on it's way to a construction site. These I-beams can easily weigh a couple of tons, and should the Miata make one wrong move it's all over.

The stunt of driving under a moving semi trailer has long been a popular feat either tempted by drunks or madmen. Earlier I wrote about a Camaro that passed under a moving semi trailer, which also was using a similar cargo setup. In the Camaro video, we got to see the third person perspective of this death defying stunt. In the Miata video, we get a front row seat of what it looks like from the first person perspective. Even though the video quality is poor, it's still very exciting to see this amateur stunt driver pass under a moving semi on I-4. On a more serious note, don't do this. Read more about a real life tragedy and miracle here.

Video content: Miata drives under semi trailer

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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