Mazda ricer with smoke screen!

Redneck ricers are everywhere, but none of them can even come close to comparing with the David's Farm redneck ricer. This thing is the ultimate! It's loud, smokey, obnoxious, and made of scrap junk found around the various areas of the farm. David's Farm is a YouTube based broadcast spectacle that illustrates life on a Canadian farm. Getting wild with power tools, spare parts, and junk cars, David's Farm knows how to have fun. Dirt drag racing through the fields, jumping "sky hill", and more makes for a very entertaining series of videos. If you haven't seen David's Farm yet, you must check them out. Below we'll check out one of his inventions, the redneck ricer.

Built from a 1997 Mazda Protege, the redneck ricer features exciting modifications such as a propane powered fart can, gigantic wing made from scrap work out equipment, and some kind of wild exhaust system that can smoke out a few blocks. There's nothing like a dirt road, 6 foot tall spoiler, and a fart can powered by propane to start your day off. The redneck ricer should be a daily driver, totally!

It's not just a wild invention that's been captured on tape, no this is history folks. Thanks to the internet, people should in theory forever know about the redneck ricer; but only if the YouTube infinity theory plays true. Everything that is put on the web now will be known as legacy material, a.k.a. "the originals". The redneck ricer is a great video to add to the mural of vast web content as it represents many different facets of modern society. Enjoy the following clip, but remember it's much more than just a redneck ricer! This is a piece of modern history.

Video content: The redneck ricer

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