Mitsubishi Evolution and Mazda RX-7 wreck!

During a rear wheel drive and all wheel drive comparison, a Mitsubishi Evo and Mazda RX7 were both wrecked. Due to rainy track conditions, these monsters of JDM power were sent into the barrier while racing against the Toyota Supra. The Supra's heavier weight literally saved the day as it was the only vehicle to not wreck during this comparison. Most people including myself would assume that all wheel drive would be the winner of this competition. That is not the case! Surprisingly, an ABS error in the Evo sent it flying into the barrier. Ouch!

Throughout the race you can see the competitors struggling for traction. Surprisingly, the Evo doesn't get that much better of a launch than the Supra or RX7 despite their rear wheel drive status. Not always will an all wheel drive vehicle perform better when compared to rear wheel drive in various traction scenarios. The rear wheel drive vehicle has the benefit of only two wheel receiving power and inducing slip during acceleration, while the all wheel drive vehicle loses complete traction to all wheels under acceleration. Rear wheel drive also gives the driver the ability to use the torque effect of rear wheel drive and slide effectively through the corner. Keeping the nose pointed in the direction of the corner also helps combat the opposing forces through out a turn.

We all can learn something from this clip. One, that even though all wheel drive sounds better on paper it doesn't always indicate it's performance in the real world. Two, it takes a special driver with the ability to properly manage the vehicles power, torque, and direction to successfully navigate a course under these conditions. Pay special attention to how the drivers react to the conditions in this following clip and you might just learn something! I know I did.

 Video content: Mitsubishi Evo and Mazda RX7 wrecked!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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