Old woman attacks cocky Mercedes-Benz owner

During a stalemate at cross walk, the street racing Mercedes-Benz gets very angry with the old woman. Honking the horn excessively and revving the engine, the Mercedes owner was very intent on getting the elderly to move. Regardless of morals and rules of society, the Mercedes owner relentlessly harassed the elderly woman. The elderly woman then struck back with her purse igniting the airbags in sporty convertible. Establishing the last word, the old woman walks away with a smirk as the Mercedes owner sits dazed by the airbags.

As most of you know, this video is a viral video and is fake. Could it actually happen this way though? It is possible to have airbags deploy with out reason, but to match that rare event with the timing of the woman's purse and this odd ball scenario is totally impossible. The odds are like one to the size of our government's debt, pending when you read this it is still of numerical value. It's fun to kick back and laugh sometimes, enjoy this randomly funny clip of a sporty Mercedes-Benz enduring the wrath of the elderly. Purse swing attack, +1.

Video content: Old woman attacks street racer

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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