The 'perfect' reverse-entry drift

The perfect drift is an amazing display of mechanical and driver excellence! Shot during a Tokyo broadcast drift session, driver M. Kawabata in a Nissan RPS13 on Toyo Tires stunned the crowd as he entered the corner practically backwards. A smooth progression through the corner within inches of the boundary line, the perfect drift was complete! Maintaining speed, ultimate direction, and an amazing display of smoke the perfect drift was carried out flawlessly. The crowd and announcers go insane! This perfect drift made drifting history on August 9, 2009.

Video content: the perfect drift

The perfect drift was performed by mastering his vehicle, the corner, and appropriately choosing optimal tires for the surface type and temperature. Using the weight of the vehicle and inertia as his guide, M. Kawabata slides the vehicle out with plenty of time before the turn. Starting the drift inches from the outside of the turn, Kawabata brings the vehicle into a reverse like state. More than perpendicular to the corner, it appears as if he may loose control. However, this excellent drift was completed and brought through inches from the boundaries at optimal speed with stunning recovery! Amazing drifting by M. Kawabata, this perfect drift will mark it's place in drifting history.

Video content: a different angle of "the perfect drift"

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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