Riced out Pikachu hatch from India

I'm not one to cast a negative opinion, but this Tata Indica "pikachu" package is just too full of fail to let slip by; I must rant! I stumbled across this atrocity while surfing YouTube for Tata racing clips and just happened to come across what I consider rice. I really hate using this term, but this car just reeks of being a ricer. Taking a look at the exterior, you'll find multiple modifications that have no purpose. First, look at the hood. They've got those horrible non functioning hood scoops that serve no purpose but to slow the vehicle down. But hey, the stickers add 15 horsepower so it's all good!

Upon closer examination, it looks as if this guy spent more money on show instead of go. If you're all show and no go, guess what? You are rice. I'm sorry but it's true. Your budget on exterior modifications should be a fraction of what goes into the performance attributes. If that's not enough to split your sides wide open, look at the two story wing on the back. Creating down force at the rear of the vehicle on a front wheel drive car is totally lame and useless. With all this crap hanging off the car, I doubt it could even reach speeds high enough to use the rear wing.

But wait, it gets better. It wouldn't be a complete ricer if it didn't have the tacky interior! Carrying on the pikachu tradition, yellow and black is found throughout the vehicle's cheap interior and stereo work. Even the stereo work reeks of ricerdom, this guy has got two different types of sub-woofers. I give him credit for doing all of the mods, even though they are tacky it still takes time, effort, and money to complete a project even if it is hideous and appalling. The one thing I actually like about this car is his short ram intake, but you know he did it for bling factor instead of performance. If the vehicle is not tuned, he probably lost power by modifying the intake. Don't let this be an example of all Indian performance, because there is some really good stuff going on over there; except this vehicle.

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