Rolls-Royce Phantom destroyed by gunfire

Using a Rolls-Royce Phantom for target practice has to break some world record. Priced at $450,000 USD, this is by far the most expensive target ever used. Why are these people shooting at a Rolls-Royce? When an armored vehicle is designed, they obviously have to run a test version. The only way to make a Rolls-Royce Phantom lab rat is to actually use the real vehicle, load it up with armor, and record the results.

Rounds of different caliber were shot at this poor Phantom, but yet the armor system held true. Small arms such as hand gun fire, sniper shots, and even mounted machine guns were tested against the Mutec armor system! The Rolls-Royce took the fire like a champ, and even snacked on a few IED's. Standing strong against the bombs and bullets, a well armored Rolls-Royce is possibly one of the safest vehicles if being fired upon is a personal burden.

Video content: Rolls-Royce Phantom destroyed by gunfire

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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