Russia's hybrid supercar 'Marussia'

There is a new hybrid supercar on the scene, and it's coming straight from the largest continent in the world. Russia has developed the "Marussia", a fully Russian engineered chassis mixed with a JDM engine and hybrid drive. It's a supercar that is capable to run with the likes of the world's top exotics, but also appeal to the green customer base. A unique and bold design, the Marussia quickly stands out of a crowd and promotes the questioning of it's origin. "What is that?", a common phrase used when one first sees the Marussia. The Marussia was developed by Nikolay Fomenko, a FIA N-GT champion. With a great history of racing from it's inventor, you can guarantee the Marussia will be a beast on the track.

It has a wide body appeal mixed with a classic supercar stance. Smooth and elegant, yet rugged enough to establish it's racing inheritance. A quiet stroll while in hybrid mode can quickly be changed into a beast like roar as the full racing engine comes to life. It's not your average hybrid by any means, and it's going to rock the automotive world. Stuck in traffic? According to Autoblog this car is going to have all the technological goodies one would expect from a top dollar sports car. Bluetooth, 10 meg per second 4G Yota network, GPS, full color LCD screens, plus a 320 gigabyte hard drive. It's not just a sports car, it is the ultimate car overall.

Not much is known about this car yet, but as you can see in the video it's a fully functioning vehicle that is capable of suiting both track minded and green oriented enthusiasts. This is the future of supercars, and Russia is quickly taking control. Let the days of Yugo fall quickly behind as the Marussia ups the automotive ante. Remember the space race? Russia holds some of the world's best technology, engineering, and advancement capabilities. It's no surprise they developed this supercar that is going to quickly wipe out the competition.

Video content: the Russian hybrid supercar 'Marussia'

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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