Vintage muscle uphill rally race

A very unusual form of rallycross, shown below is a classic muscle car uphill race. Throwing old muscle around in the dirt is very rare, as most of the cars shown are considered classics and collectibles. The following footage below is brought to us by YouTube user JoeBerg and features the best grunting action I've ever seen. Clouds of dust, roaring engines, and the smell of gasoline permeates the scene as the classic muscle races the uphill challenge. A true driver's test of will, one slip can send your timeless classic into the wall. This is the ultimate!

Uphill races are usually performed by smaller class rally cars such as the Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer, and other similar vehicles. These vehicles feature all-wheel drive and are much lighter, so they traverse the course quicker. Quicker isn't always better, and for show the classic muscle does a great job. The effortless torque is readily available thanks to the gravel surface, and creates a very tight symphony of exhaust notes. These machines are pushing major power on a slippery surface, and it's totally obvious by how they react. Forget the drag strip, take your hot rod out to the gravel roads for a slice of true Americana.

Video content: classic muscle car uphill race

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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