2010 Camaro on 30's and bondo

I love a good donk, but if you are going to show it off please make sure the body repairs are complete. There is nothing worse to see than a 2010 Camaro on 30's rolling down the road with a fresh serving of bondo. Other than the ginormous bondo stain on the side of the passenger A-pillar, this car is actually pretty sweet. A clean paint job with high quality clear, massive 30 inch black DUB floater wheels, and a custom grill make this Camaro very unique. The bondo is just icing on the cake!

Since the first 2010 Camaro rolled off the line, there has been a rush to convert this modern retro sports car into a donkified monster machine. First we saw the North Carolina Tarheels and Lemonade edition Camaros hit the scene. Well respected and tastefully modified, these two are considered to be some of the first fifth generation Camaro donks. Then we got to see the 2010 Camaro on 28's, another Camaro on hydraulics, a 2010 on 24 inch painted wheels, an extremely clean Camaro SS on 24's doing burnouts, and finally the huge green Camaro on 30's. Where will the modern Camaro donk movement take us next? It looks like it's on a direct route to Bondo City, Lamesville. Please say it isn't so!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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