NASCAR replica: Kyle Busch M&M's Toyota

Whether you love NASCAR or hate it, everyone can appreciate the sweet flavor of an M&M's car! Found at Sun Toyota of New Port Richey, this beautifully crafted Kyle Busch replica NASCAR sat just waiting for the eye of my camera. Covered from bumper to bumper in nostalgic livery, this car is 100% street legal and can be driven anywhere. It screams NASCAR on the outside, but everything on the inside is completely stock. Slow yes, but it does come with a warranty.

Even though it is slow, this makes for a perfect starting point of an impressive build to turn that street legal status into a void. A Toyota Supra 2JZ drivetrain swap would do the car wonders, and make the bite match the bark. Could it be done? Sure, all it takes is a little bit of welding and some BS&G. Strip the interior out and rebuild the cockpit like an actual NASCAR , now we've got ourselves a fun little vehicle! To take it to the extreme, one could also fabricate carbon fiber body paneling to help shave an addition 400-500 pounds. At the end of the day, we are looking at an M&M car that can put down 1,000+ hp and run the quarter mile in nine seconds or less when using slicks.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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