Toyota Supra hoonage video

If you love the Supra culture, this Supra hoonage video has all the Supra entertainment you could ask for. Drifting, track racing, mechanical work, top speed runs, and more await in the following clip. The Supra featured in this video is the MKIV with a GT47-88 turbo, ViPec engine management, and an E85 conversion. Thanks to ethanol, this Supra can run more boost due to ethanol's cooling properties. Does it really need more boost though? Look at the thing; it can't even stick to the road. It's a very exciting drive, but to tame a Supra like this is uncanny.

Pay special attention in the video when they take on a curvy road. As soon as the Supra starts to roll boost, the rear slides out and the drive has to correct. This increases the time it takes to navigate through a corner, thus increasing lap time. Most people don't care about lap time; they just want raw dyno numbers. Thanks to the Supra's inline six, it is able to run big turbos with minimal lag due an extremely short and powerful manifold setup. If that's not enough, the stock Supra transmission can take up to 700 whp before requiring upgraded parts. For big power bolt-on performance, the Toyota Supra dominates the scene.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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