Man lifts Toyota Supra

Fake or real? Caught only on YouTube video, a man known as "Dado" lifts up the rear of a 3,000 pound Toyota Supra. Is this possible, or was it staged? Everything in the video looks legit, but who knows - there could be someone around the corner of the vehicle with a pneumatic jack. Using a simple audio swap, the scene could be shot twice; once for audio and once for the visual, thus eliminating any audible noise from the jack.

If this is a legit lift, it speaks highly of the Supra's rear fender. Most sports cars have body panels that are extremely lightweight that will fold under minimal pressure. Always take special care when look at engines to not lean or place excessive weight on the fender. Everyone will be able to hear the thud, and you will be paying for the damages. I'm surprised the Supra fender didn't buckle, swell, fold, etc.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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