Ferrari 355 wrecks into sedan and wagon

It's unknown how this wreck occurred, but one thing is for sure; that Ferrari 344 is totaled! Taking a speculative viewpoint, one might say the sedan pulled out in front of the Ferrari, which caused a chain reaction wreck into the wagon. Tire marks aren't visible due to the rain, we are really left in the dark. How do you think this occurred? Let's look at the wreckage.

The front left side of the sedan furthest away from the Ferrari is smashed up pretty bad. The right side of the Ferrari looks like it may have been hit by another car via a perpendicular force dragging out towards the rear of the vehicle. Then there is the third car, a white wagon, which appears to be hit as well but with no obvious explanation. Where did this third driver come from, and what was he doing there?

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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