Street racer plays destruction derby with police

In the land of Malaysia, a defiant street racer played destruction derby with police after being chased and harassed. Once the street racer finally stopped, police thought it would be funny to ram the vehicle. Destroying the beautiful paint, bumper, and sending the wing flying; the street racer lost it and went bizzerk on the throttle. WOT donuts, bumper cars, you name it - this guy was all over it.

If you'll notice, the street racer actually pulled over and came to a complete stop. He had plenty of opportunity to escape, but yet he sat there like a target. Then - keyword being then - the police cruiser maliciously attacks the vehicle. Was this called for? Technically, the officer was boxing him in which is normal for a pursuit; he just took it to the extreme. What do you think? Were police correct for ramming the vehicle or were they being overzealous? Comment below!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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