Toyota Corolla catches on fire!

Thanks to a massively blown LS1 engine swap, the extremely lightweight Toyota Corolla built by Nathan Allen had enough gusto to set fire to a set of drag slicks. With more than enough torque than any one vehicle should have, the Corolla with an LS1 swap is the ultimate burnout vehicle. Still pushing the limit even after the car catches on fire, the driver boldly pushed into no man's land. Should a fuel line had leaked from fatigue or heat; the whole car could have exploded. Did that stop the driver? No!
There's something about the spectacle of a huge engine wedged into a small vehicle. More common than not, Chevy small blocks are being found in more and more JDM vehicles thanks to the ease of engine swaps. Why keep the small 2.0 liter or equivalent when you can force a gigantic V8 into the engine bay? No matter what you do to the smaller engine, if the same mods were applied to the V8 you'll always get more power. A testimony to the saying, "no replacement for displacement", enjoy the following clip of a high-powered Toyota Corolla brutally raping a set of drag radials.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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