Nissan fan gets 350Z tattoo

In Florida, an owner and fan of Nissan got a Nissan 350Z tattoo on his leg to show his love for the brand. In return, Sutherlin Nissan of Fort Myers, FL gave him a free Apple I-Pad for showing his dedication to the Nissan brand. This is a pretty radical move, even for the most savvy car guy. Why tattoo a Nissan? It's a pretty solid investment. Nissan has always built some of the most respected vehicles on the road. Take a look at Nissan's racing history, and you'll see they always amaze the world with cutting edge performance technology.

Nissan takes it a step further by making more than just a car, but by making life long customers and friends. There's a reason why every Nissan owner loves his or her Nissan, and that's because Nissan simply makes quality vehicles that people want and offers the quality of service that these cars deserve.

Take a look at the Nissan Skyline or Z series sports cars - these are some of the hottest machines to ever grace the asphalt and are meticulously manufactured and serviced using the best technology in the world. The latest 350Z, 370Z, and Nissan GT-R vehicles have proven yet again that Nissan is a name congruent to motorsports and the community that follows. What will the future hold for Nissan? It's going to be one exciting ride!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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