Awesome Nissan 300zx drifting video

The Nissan 300zx, also known as "Fairlady Z" is an amazing vehicle for drifting even in stock form. Thanks to the video shot by kokuyo24, we get to see what a modified Fairlady is capable of. Sliding from side to side, the precision the 300zx displays is unmatched by most vehicles on the road. Why isn't there more Fairlady's on the drifting scene? Most common is the Nissan 240, but yet the Nissan 300zx comes with more torque and better balance from the factory. This raises the question as to why the drift style Fairlady is so elusive, leaving many in the dark to the capabilities that the 300zx possesses.

It all boils down to parts, and ease of repair. The 300zx is a very tough vehicle to work on, as the V6 is tightly squeezed into the chassis. The Nissan 240 has a very open engine bay which makes the car very easy to work on. Aftermarket part availability for the 300zx is slim to none, while the 240 has loads of choices. The reason we don't see many 300zx's ripping up the drift track is because they are more difficult and expensive to own, modify, and race. Enjoy this rare footage of a Fairlady Z drifting - you won't see many owners of these rare vehicles who dare risk their 300zx to the likes of drifting.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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