224 mph BMW M5 by G-Power

If you think your BMW is fast, guess again. Created by G-Power, the BMW M5 Hurricane RS has the ability to launch you and four other occupants to a cruising speed of 224 miles per hour! Thanks to BMW's incredibly strong and stable chassis combined with engineered aerodynamics for such exhilarating travel, G-Power is able to take a BMW M5 and turn it into a 200+ MPH monster of sedan high performance. Perfect for those traveling the Autobahn, if you seek the ultimate in BMW power look no further than G-Power.

How did they get it this fast? The BMW M5 Hurricane RS package takes a stock 2011 BMW M5 and adds a twin-supercharger forced induction system for a total power output of 750 horsepower! They established themselves as makers of the world's fastest sedan back in 2010 when their BMW reached speeds of 231 miles per hour! This following video doesn't break the world record, but it gives us a great idea of what it's like to operate the Hurricane RS on the Autobahn at night. Get ready for some amazing speed!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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