Ferrari crash pictures: 458 Italia ran over by Ford F-150

What is becoming known as the Ferrari crunch heard around the world, pictures from the Ferrari 458 Italia being ran over by a Ford F150 have just been released by YouTube user JamesWorley exclusively through this press release.

On January 28, 2011, a brand new 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia with less than 500 miles was ran over by a late model Ford F150 in Brandon, Florida. This was captured on video by a YouTube user, and from there the rest is history. The original video as seen here was first reported on by "Tampa Sports Car Examiner" and distributed throughout to all mass media websites, resulting in a viral spread of a video that is quickly becoming famous.

Just six days after the initial press release written and broadcast by Michael Berenis, "Tampa Sports Car Examiner", the video by James Worley has been viewed by over 800,000 individuals around the world. Thanks to another release by James Worley via Michael Berenis, we now have pictures of the crash that have yet to be seen.

The pictures shown here give us another look at the craziest Ferrari crash this year. We get to see an up-close view of the damage, the truck sitting on the Ferrari, and more. Pay special attention to one of the pictures, you can see the owner Wes in a yellow shirt staring up into the sky as if to be asking "why?"

The official details of the accident are yet to be released, but several witness accounts have been released via the original Tampa Sports Car Examiner article as seen below:
"I was at the car wash when this happened. The traffic was backed up on northbound Parsons Av and the Ferrari was passing across a double yellow line (illegal) to try and get to the small left turn lane I believe." - Anonymous

"I know there are many witnesses including the lady who was parked just to the right of the 458 when this happened. I was putting my change in and I heard a "crackling" noise. I looked around and cars where lined up front and rear stopped while the Ferrari was as shown. A small dark compact car (maybe a older Dodge or something) was immediately beside the 458. The stopped traffic (the lady in the compact) was letting the Ford turn out of the car wash." - Anonymous

Sources: YouTube user JamesWorley , Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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