Imports invade Italian tunnel

Somewhere in Italy, a group of enthusiasts decided to throw down and have some old fashioned fun with their vehicles. How much fun can you have with a group of modified imports and a tunnel? If the expressions of bystanders in this video are any indication of fun, it looks like quite the jovial event. Despite police presence, the hoonage continues! Long live the hoons!

Surprisingly enough, the majority of vehicles seen blasting through the tunnel in this video are made by Subaru. Italy is considered a Mecca of motorsports, so it just makes sense to see Subaru dominating the scene. I can see why so many people choose Subaru! Bang for buck, most enthusiasts around the globe choose Subaru because they offer the performance of high dollar exotics without the high dollar price tag.

Just watching this group of jolly fans hoot and holler over the launching cars is awesome enough, let alone witnessing what seems be an endless supply of imports. One after another, they shoot through the tunnel creating an orchestra of tuned four cylinder performance. Launch after launch, the crowd's reaction is priceless. I'm not sure which is more entertaining - the cars, or the crowd?

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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