Hot rod burnout contest

In a classic comparison of torque, two hot rods duel it out during a burnout contest. Lining up head to head and bumper to bumper, which one do you think will be the victor? One vehicle has mass, the other has power. Which will win? I won't spoil it for you, but let's discuss exactly what is going on here. Some of you might think whoever has more power could actually do the pushing, right? Well, we can't forget about our friend traction.

When you have to objects pushing against each other of unequal mass, the object of lesser mass must exert more force to push the object of greater mass and vice versa. This force exerted must actually make contact with the ground to be transferred into forward energy. That's why traction is the key to success in this competition. Sure mass and power have a lot to do with the outcome, but traction is the ultimate judge in this competition. As we watch the video, it's obvious that a lot of energy is being wasted as the tires are burnt into oblivion. Pay special attention to tire rotation and you will see that traction is the key to success.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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