Bugatti Veyron curbed during parking fail

How hard is it to park a multi-million dollar supercar without curbing it? Hey bro - your rim that is worth a couple of grand just ground its way up the curb! Ouch! The worst part is that the person driving the car isn't the owner, and is suspected by witnesses to be a member of his security. Wow, when the owner finds a big gash in the side of his rim, he is going to be very upset!

Not only did the driver fail at parking, he sets off the alarm, stalls the car during startup, and just flat out fails at life. The actual curbing could have happened to anyone because it's obviously hard to see out of a car that is designed for 250+ mph! This brings up a valid point about the Bugatti Veyron; it has horrible blind spots. Just like the previous Bugatti Veyron test drive accident that I reported on, the only reason this parking incident happened was due to the horrid Veyron blind spot. Maybe the next generation Veyron will fix this issue. For now, all you can do is rip up your dash and install some parking cameras.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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