2012 Corvette Stingray concept replica

Creating a replica of the 2012 Corvette Stingray concept, builders from Z and M Customs have stepped out and put their name on the line with this radical design. I'm sure that building this thing took a lot of money, time, and effort; but is the end result really an accurate Stingray replica? It is close, don't get me wrong, but there is just something funny about these cars that makes it obvious that they are indeed replicas. I'm pretty sure the point of a replica is to fool people into believing it is the real thing.

Let's take a closer look at the differences between the real Stingray, and the poser Stingrays created by Z and M Customs. The most noticeable attribute would be the bold fascia of the Stingray, which on the replica is a total flop. Notice how the real Stingray has a more vivid fender outline, where the replica is sort of blended in and doesn't follow the same lines. The whole side of the replica is also missing one of the most prominent features of the Stingray; where are the huge fender vents? The roof line isn't low enough, and the nose is also way shorter than the real thing. On the rear, they actually did pretty good with the bumper, but again the lack of a chopped top roof kind of ruins the whole car.

Overall, they did a good job and the fabrication appears to be quality; just not exact. Let's face it; building a replica of a vehicle you can only see pictures of is going to be tough. So all in all, these guys did a pretty good job. Most people wouldn't notice these differences if they saw the car on the road, but to call it a replica might be going too far. I think something more appropriate would be "Corvette Stingray tribute vehicle". With a little more tweaking, it could be a replica- just not yet. Comment your thoughts below!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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