Fake or real? Guy jumps over Lamborghini

Ever since Kobe Bryant shot himself jumping over an Aston Martin, the viral video trend of jumping over fast cars has continued at phenomenal rates. First we have the Kobe Bryant jump video, then a high school basketball player named Corbin Smith jumped over a Corvette, and now we have a guy named "Conrad" jumping over a Lamborghini. The trick has been exposed on how to do this, but it's still fun to watch.

So how do you make it look like you jumped over a car? Well, there is two ways to do it. The easy way is to shoot the footage around two o'clock, and position yourself slightly closer to the camera than the passing car. Jumping at the right time, it can provide the illusion that you actually jumped the car. If you shoot it at the right time, your shadow will be cast upon the car instead of the ground, making the illusion complete.

Sounds easy right? Well, there is also a second way of using two clips and a video editor to combine the rolls together, creating the illusion of jumping over a moving vehicle. One shoot with the car passing, the next with you jumping. As long as you don't move the camera, the scenes will blend in together flawlessly. Which one was used here? Comment your thoughts below!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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