Dodge Caliber drifting fail

What is more fun than sliding your Mom's Dodge Caliber around on the snow and pretending to drift? Cocking it sideways in slush at high speed and flipping it over! Special thanks to our friend "Streetfire Sam" for bringing this video to our attention. I can only imagine the phone call home, too bad that wasn't on video. Do you think the driver would really own up to hooning the vehicle, or would they play it off like a critter ran out in front of them? It's always fun and games until you flip a car and have to own up the responsibility.

So how did this happen? The Dodge Caliber is a great car, but because it is a crossover it has a rather high center of gravity. It has amazing handling until you cross over the COG, and then there is no coming back; you've crossed the point of no return! When they cocked the car sideways with the e-brake, the car's weight started to shift past the COG. Once this happens, it takes very little force to push it over the edge and induce a roll. Hitting the slush with the sidewall of your tires is enough, and thus we have a homemade roller coaster! Weeeeee! Learn from these guys - if you are going to hoon, always have a camera rolling.

Drifting FAIL!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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