Twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardos street race on highway

A group of twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardos built by Underground Racing were caught on video tearing up the highways out in the desert. Literally launching into the unknown, it sure is fun to watch a couple of million dollars worth of vehicles, upgrades, and labor be put to the test. Surprisingly enough, there were no fires! I guess when upgrading a Lamborghini, the first thing they do is take care of Lamborghini's slop that leads to fire. (See two fires on I-95 here)

Watching these machines of marvel on video is just as exciting as being there. Sure the camera work is a little shoddy, but what really counts is the quality! Catching machines like this on video while doing there thing is very rare. At best, people might get a one or two second blip as the Lambos shoot by, but never a coordinated production like what we have here. Twin turbo on a Gallardo? Now we are pushing some major power! We are talking well above and beyond 1,000 horsepower. No wonder these things shoot off like rockets.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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