2010 Camaro on 24's performs burnout

The 2010 Camaro on 24 inch rims doesn't have to be a blend of luxury, it can be sport as well. The following 2010 Camaro takes the performance oriented design theme while staying true to the 24 inch rim legacy. So is this a donk, or is it a sports car? To be honest, these rims look really good on this car, especially when looking at it from a performance enthusiast point of view. Are they optimal for performance? Of course not, but they sure do look good!

Most big rims found on Camaros are typically chromed out weight monsters. The only other 2010 Camaro on big rims I've covered that didn't use heavy luxury rims was the 2010 Camaro with 24 inch painted wheels. However, rides like the 2010 Camaro UNC Tarheel edition, 2010 Camaro SS on 28 inch rims, 2010 Camaro on 30 inch rims, and other 2010 Camaro donk videos all picked heavy over light. I can appreciate the big rim appeal on a 2010 Camaro, but I prefer the lightweight performance rims over the heavy, more luxurious style of rims. Both look amazing, but I would think the ride quality would be affected by the latter. Which do you like?

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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