1000 HP Subaru Impreza with paddle shift

Whether you are a Subaru enthusiast or not, you will love this video. The video was shot by the company who built the paddle shift transmission, KAPS Transmissions. KAPS Transmissions is known for being one of the best racing transmission builders in the world, and their hardcore talent shows through on this Subaru. Used by rally drivers across the globe, the KAPS Transmission is a very high quality name in the world of rally. Sporting a massive lower mounted turbo, side dumped exhaust, NOS, completely stripped and caged body, and the KAPS Transmission paddle shift package is the ultimate in street performance. There is no shift lag, just pure boosted fun!

More 1000 hp fun!

Taking a ride in this hardcore Subaru must have been awesome for the camera guy. Watch how quick it rips through the straight cut gears! Hear that RC car like whine? You know its got power when the straight cuts sing! By the time they are in the top of fourth gear, that's at least 100 mph depending on the gear ratios used. Watch the video, yeah that's four or five seconds and you're already deep in the 100 mph territory; holy Subaru! Can we say Subaru domination? Oh yes, the Subaru gods are pleased by this little tasty treat. There's a reason why everyone loves a Subaru; grip and go baby!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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