2010 Camaro with 24 inch painted wheels

All red from head to toe, this 2010 Camaro with 24 inch painted wheels is a very clean representation of the modern donk movement. Comparable to the other donked vehicles I've covered such as the Camaro donk on 26 inch wheels, Mitsubishi Eclipse on 28 inch wheels, and even a Cutlass on 50 inch rims; this 2010 Camaro with 24 inch painted rims is by far the cleanest and still represents performance with a donk-like spin. With a ten inch lip all around, this is a massive dish but yet stays semi-flush to the body. Very impressive setup indeed!

The donk movement is becoming quite popular as the modern-retro designs are being more and more available. Cars like the 2010 Camaro UNC Tarheel edition, Dodge Charger donk on 30 inch rims, 2010 Camaro SS on 28 inch wheels, and 2010 Camaro on 30 inch rims are some of the most popular modern donk vehicles on the road today. The modern donk movement isn't limited to the latest retro muscle car designs. Take a look at the Pontiac Firebird on 28 inch rims, and you'll see that previous generations of muscle cars are totally accepting of the big rim, loud pipes type theme.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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