Woman rams cop car with Camaro

A total abuse case for the Camaro and a plea of insanity for the defendant, an upset woman who was pulled over in an urban area decided that backing into the cop car and bouncing off the rev limiter while in reverse was a good way to show emotion. The surround circumstances are unclear, but the word on the web is that the police pulled her over and sexually harassed her, leaving her no choice but to defend herself with her car.

Whether this web rumor is true or not remains unknown, but there is obviously a reason why she acted the way she did. People don't just ram into police cruisers for no reason - either she knew she was going to jail for previous outstanding warrants, the car was stolen, or something happened during the pull over. Then again, there is a reason the term "crazy" appears in the dictionary.

Aside from the typical viewpoints that this video is going to produce, let's just sit back and admire the Camaro's resilience even when put to the test by a throttle happy fugitive. Pegging out the rev limiter for that long is hell on an engine, but yet the LS1 stands strong against maniacal abuse. Putting on a really good smoke show, I'm honestly surprised the engine or tires didn't blow during this escapade. This is a big point for Camaro owners everywhere, as it shows that even a stock LS1 can withstand some really harsh abuse. Forge the internals and give it a safe tune, and I'd be willing to say that LS1 is about as bulletproof as you can get.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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