American ricer: Rice-man!

The world of "ricers" is a fascinating adventure full of both good and bad. I'm not one to make fun of any particular type of style, because to me if that's your thing then that's your thing; whatever - it's cool, I get it. If you don't know what a ricer is, check out the definition, "Ricer 101: What is a ricer?" For a picture guide through the world of rice, check out "Pictures of Ricers" slide show. After you're through with the crash course in ricing (no pun intended), continue reading.

This American ricer of a Chrysler Sebring is just begging for some misdirected humor. I love all vehicles, and even this one with it's oddly shaped, somewhat illicit resemblance. Let's do it like this; I'm going to write a list below and we'll play a "Where's Waldo" type of game.
Notable forms of "rice" spotted in the video:

  • Rear wing for downforce on a FWD vehicle
  • Nissan Fairlady "Z" emblem on the steering wheel
  • Xbox 360 mounted on top of subwoofer box
  • No TV for Xbox 360 (wtf?)
  • Ridiculous front bumper in both aesthetics and engineering
  • Fake, off center, and mis-aligned hood scoop
  • Flaccid & sun bleached Autozone seat covers
  • Mismatched orange and red spray painted interior

That's all that I could spot in just a few seconds while watching the clip, let me explain some of the mods in further detail. The most obvious is the use of a wing for downforce on the back of a front-wheel drive vehicle; wow, and it just keeps getting worse. What on earth is a Fairlady Z emblem doing on a stock Sebring steering wheel? That must be the Fairlady Z steering wheel cover with gel grips, I totally forgot about those! Why is the 360 sitting on top of the subs you may ask? I'm not even sure it works, because I don't see any TV's in the car either.

Let's skip past the obvious ugly bumper, sloppily placed hood scoop, and flacid sun bleached seat covers flapping in the wind like clothes on the line; I'm heading straight for the meat and potatoes. Please explain the orange center console and red interior accent. Dude, what are you thinking? I can see the some money was spent on the body kit and rims, why did you stop? The interior looks like a disaster bro and it throws off the whole build, if you can call it that. Now, I have no choice but to label this the car Batman would drive if he was a ricer. Da da da dadadada da, RICE-MAN! This ricermobile reminds me of the phallus-like Batmobile that was used during Saturday Night Live skits, and that's not a good thing. One can only hope this is a joke and not your daily means of transportation.

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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