Camaro donk on 26 inch wheels

When it comes to riding clean, this vintage IROC Camaro is sporting all the goodies that qualify it as an official donk. Donk is much more than just a lift kit and big rims! To be a real donk, the whole car needs to be modified, which includes performance, visual, suspension, chassis, and interior modifications. Thanks to a personal tour, we get to see what it takes to run with the best from the west. Twenty six inch rims, fully built 350 cubic inch crate motor, custom interior, candy apple paint, and more make this a very nice ride.

This isn't something I would do to a Camaro, but I can totally appreciate the skill, time, and money it takes to build a vehicle like this. Donks aren't for everyone, and obviously they are going to be subject to ridicule, but considering the engineering aspect they are quite impressive. Take a look at the extremely donk Mitsubishi Eclipse on 28 inch rims; this thing has amazing amounts of custom fabrication! How about the biggest rims in the world, a Cutlass on 50 inch rims! These are both amazing builds that deserve the utmost respect due to their radical design and engineering. To be able to consistently push the heavy wheels that are associated with the donk culture, you've got to build the entire vehicle from the ground up, and that's a common ground that all automotive enthusiasts respect. The style might be drastically different, but the foundation is still the same. Blood, sweat, and gears baby!

What does it take to build a real donk? Replacing the transmission, rear end, drive axles, suspension, and engine with high performance parts are all common to true donk builds. In reality, donks are setup almost identical to full blown race cars except they feature luxurious amenities such as chrome wheels, leather interior, and ample amounts of entertainment electronics. At the end of the day, the main difference between a full blown race car and a donk is the weight. I for one love the donk movement for it's unique take on automotive modification. Job well done!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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