Datsun wrecked during drag race

Racing against a full blown Chevrolet Impala, the little Datsun 1200 who could bit the dust thanks to a short wheel base and a squirrelly driver. The problem with the Datsun 1200, also known as the Nissan Sunny, is that it has an incredibly short wheel base of just 89.8 inches and a width of only 56.9 inches. When outfitted with performance parts and built for racing, the nimble aspects of the smaller chassis can sometimes be a fatal flaw. If the car starts to dance, there's limited surface area to regain traction which usually results in a flip just as shown in the video.

Could the driver have driven out of this deadly twist? No, because no matter what you do the Datsun 1200 still has a high center of gravity and small traction structure. It's only a matter of time before the little car flips, and that's why you always see dragsters who run incredible times utilizing a longer, wider chassis. Fat tires can help, but the chassis is still the same. This is why I do not recommend using smaller cars like the Datsun and others for drag racing, and more for track style autocross. They're small, nimble, and made for handling; not straight line top speed performance.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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