Corvette smoked by "Grocery Getter"

I'm always one to praise the Corvette and admire it's performance abilities, but when I see something like a "Grocery Getter" beat the beloved Corvette around an oval I begin to reconsider my opinion of this vehicle. First it was a full sized Astro van beating a ZR1, and now this? I'm disgusted! Some of you won't like what I'm about to say, call it blasphemy if you must; there's something severely wrong when a Corvette gets beats by a janky old wagon during a one lap race around an oval. I don't care if the driver in the 'Vette is the worst driver and the wagon is the best; in no way, shape, or form should the Corvette be bested by a janky old wagon!

These types of things you hear about around the garage and chuckle, but to see video evidence of such an atrocity makes one begin to wonder what engineering flaw caused the Corvette to lose? Sure we can go on and on about how the wagon cut him off, took the low side of the corner, etc.; the truth still remains. Winning is winning, and a Corvette just lost to a P.O.S. wagon! There is something terribly wrong with the Corvette.

To cut through all of the prefacing arguments of automotive nomenclature, let's just go straight to the physics. This is not a straight line race, it has curves; curves reduce the acceleration traction of a vehicle by using that friction for steering. Since there is a loss of friction and the Corvette is rear-wheel drive, it's pretty obvious to me why it lost; the Corvette simply isn't designed for acceleration through curves. More specifically, it wasn't designed for acceleration through the corners and speeds presented at this specific race. They're in those corners at about 45-55 mph, right at the very high point of power for a Corvette. One tap on the gas and it's sliding; just as seen on the last curve. It's not a matter of a bad driver; it was totally the fault of GM's choice of gear ratio. If this Corvette had been outfitted with gears for this specific race, it probably would have won.

No matter how you look at it, a Corvette was still beat by a "grocery getter" through the corners. Ouch!
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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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