Urinating man almost hit by Audi

We all know that there is no better relief than a good public urination on the side of the road. The next time you plot out your dastardly deed of being a public nuisance, you had better check your surroundings! If this guy's fate is any sign of what can happen while creating a bushman's  tsunami, maybe you should reconsider where you drop the plumbing. Minding his yellow driven business and color painting the bushes, all of a sudden his moment of "bliss" turns sour as an Audi comes flying through the corners and nose plows into the bushes just a few feet away. If his faucet wasn't flowing before, any symptoms were surely cured thanks to the vigilante Audi.

If you have never leaked the trouser snake in a ditch before, it's a somewhat gratifying yet exciting experience. Here you are, in all of your glory, doing something that you know is wrong but yet you can't fight the urge. There is some Mello Yello in your macaroni cello, and you've got to blow the right note; what do you do? Some people prefer the bottle method, but this can get a little messy. Others prefer taking to the trenches of our public roads and letting loose; this is typically the most wise choice of them all. Would you rather get raped by a sausage delivery man named "Big Bubba" at a truck stop, or maybe get a mosquito bite on your human horn? I'd take the ditch personally, unless it's been reserved for an out of control Audi driver. It's either dodge the Audi or dodge the truck driver and his "sausage trailer"; make your choice.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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