First ever rally car rail slide

Thanks the genius mind of Wyatt Knox from, we get to see on video what it takes to make a Subaru Legacy perform a rail slide on the snow. Setting up some timbers on a very slipper slope, the Legacy was cocked sideways using the e-brake and perfectly pulled off what is claimed to be the "first ever rally car rail slide". A smooth transition off the rail and back onto the path, Wyatt Knox pulled off this rail slide without flaw.

Even though this is claimed to be the first ever, some are saying that it has been done before. Do you recall the skateboard Mustang by Rob Dyrdek? That must have been where this idea came from, but technically that wasn't a rally car; it was a drift car. Which one is better? Well this one, of course; it's a Subaru! Sure rally cars have done this before, but never intentionally! Most of the time when they grind on a tree it is while flying through the air at 80+ mph and smashing their way through the forest. As a Subaru fan and owner myself, I must say job well done to Mr. Knox! You sir are what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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