Pure sounds of Porsche GT3 rally

The Porsche GT3 is one of the most highly regarded cars in the world of rear-wheel drive rally. Occasionally present in the world of rally since the 1960's, Porsche has built it's name upon the fact their cars are developed around the avid motorsport enthusiast. Just like how Subaru worked with Prodrive to develop the Imprezas, Porsche engineers have always closely worked with the Porsche racing team in order to create the perfect being. Listening to the pure sounds of a Porsche GT3 as it tears up the countryside, we get a good chance to see Porsche master the challenges of rallycross. Dominating both tarmac and gravel, the Porsche GT3 is able to take jumps, corners, and varied terrain with ease.

Listening to the scream of the Porsche motor, one can only begin to dream of ripping down the rural roads themselves. It's not hard to put yourself behind the wheel of one of these machines via fantasy flight through space and time. Open up your mind as you sit back and watch, putting yourself behind the wheel. Do you hear the navigator shouting out corner commands? "Right three into jump!" By now you should start to feel the adrenaline pumping as your hands grip the the steering wheel mid-flight. Will you land or crash? The flight seems inevitable. Landing ever so gently, you feel the car dig back into the pavement and simultaneously mash the gas pedal. All true rally fans will totally feel the energy in this video. There really is no sport like it in the world!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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