Dyno accident: Evo jumps off the dyno

Putting a car on the dyno is much more dangerous than most people think, and can result in devastating dyno accidents. In the following clip, we get to see just what can happen if the dyno isn't properly prepared. Preparing the dyno includes preparation of both the vehicle and the dyno to prevent error which can result in massive FAIL. Why did this car jump off the dyno? It can be a multitude of variables that caused this accident, but the most common reason a car jumps off the dyno is due to operator error and neglectful tie down tactics.

The proper way to dyno a vehicle is much like a pre-flight check for an aircraft. There's a list of to-do's that all must be performed prior to running on the dyno. If you miss one of them, it can cause catastrophe. The most important and obvious is making sure the vehicle is properly strapped to the dyno. If the tethers are worn, improperly installed, or missing, it can allow the vehicle to move and possibly slide off the dyno resulting in what can be a fatal accident. Once those tires hit anything that's not the dyno rollers, consider it a done deal; that car is taking flight and there is nothing you can do but watch the horrific display of FAIL!

Looking at the video, we can see that they only strapped down the rear of the vehicle. This resulted in front lateral movement, leading to a quick grip-and-rip. Luckily, no one was hurt during this catastrophe! A dyno is a fun, but very dangerous place if not properly setup. I bet next time these Mech-Tech College student newbs use the proper tie down method.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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