How to get free swag

Being that we are all car enthusiasts, one of our main goals while attending events is to attain free swag. Swag can sometimes be hard to get if you're not presenting the correct image! This brings up the question, "how can I get free swag?" The answer is simple; if you are a group of three hot car models being followed around by an official looking camera crew, people will bend over backwards and pass out the free goodies. If you aren't a beautiful blond car model, there is still some ways to get free stuff at car events. Car show girls and Hot Import Nights girls are always a crowd favorite, but there is still some ways to get free stuff even if you are not a drop dead gorgeous model.

If you have a website, really nice car, or are a member of a decent sized car club, just tell them that you will distribute the swag throughout your network. I have done this many times, and ended up getting boxes upon boxes of free shirts, stickers, pens, and key chains. The swag is there to promote something, so if you help those passing out the swag do their job the chances of getting free stuff increases drastically!

Why do companies pass out free swag? It's simple really, the cost of promotional materials is much less than the average cost of other forms of advertising. Not only do you get to cut costs, it is also much more targeted because if your company is passing out swag at a car meet chances are that the attendees are going to be 100% targeted towards your niche. I personally pass out swag all the time, and it was worked wonderfully. Free t-shirts, pens, and stickers; it all goes very fast! If you are going to pass out swag, make sure you have enough for the event you are attending. There's nothing worse to see than an unhappy face because you ran out of their t-shirt size, pen, or favorite sticker.

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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