Nissan 350z drift fail

I give him credit for trying to drift, but this guy and his Nissan 350z are totally the definition of a drifting fail. Hosted as "Nissan z350 drift show in Baku", this is by far the most pathetic display of "drifting" (if you can call it that) I have ever seen. The car is pretty nice, I'll give him that; but his drifting needs some major work. We get to see what is barely a donut, some squeaky tires, and that's about it. At the end, he gives it a rev and we get a good chuckle.

What should have happened is that after the first donut he kept it at WOT and just roasted the tires to shreds. There's more than enough room for a 350z to rip up the pavement, I honestly don't know why he refrained. I know from personal experience that the Nissan Z's love high RPM action; that's where they shine! Maybe he was afraid of blowing a motor, clutch, or gear - if that's the case he is in no place to drift. When you drift, it pushes cars to the limit and things break. That is just the nature of the beast! Once things break, you replace them with higher quality parts, as this trial and tribulation of OEM quality is the right way to identify a vehicle's weak spots.

Typically I'll post stuff here that is positive as I really don't like being that negative, ranting blogger that points the finger at everyone but himself. Everyone has to start somewhere, so maybe this guy is just learning how to drift. I had to start somewhere when I first started blogging and my work was just about as hideous as this drift video. Take a look at some of my earliest posts - they are almost just as funny as this drifting fail. However, overtime I improved into what you see here. It's not perfect, but most people enjoy this column. Either way, this video shouldn't be posted as "drift show"! I think "drift fail" is more inline with what is going on here and the video would be more widely accepted. What do you think?

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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