Lamborghini Gallardo plays in the snow

Sometimes, you just have to break loose and let your Lamborghini Gallardo play in the snow! Putting a Lamborghini Gallardo to the ultimate test, snow tires are a must if you desire to drive your AWD exotic through a winter wonderland and not get stuck. It's not the drive, it's the clearance. With only a few inches available under the Gallardo, it's easy to see how one could get hung up on some drifts. Just outside of the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Denver, CO, an all-black 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo was having some fun and decided to share the experience with the world. This video too cold for your liking? Warm up with some pictures of hot Lamborghini girls!

"Sometimes it's fun to do stupid things in exotic cars" - YouTube user villainjpe1704tks
According to you YouTube description, this Lamborghini isn't quite stock. It's not a Texas Mile Lambo by any means, but at least there's been something done to it; which is more than most Lamborghini owners will pursue. Modified by an Evo tune and Pirelli snow tires, this Lambo has all the extra power and grip it needs to put on a beautiful show. Sliding, spinning, and throwing snow around, this is a very unique video and we are lucky to see this car having some fun! If you think this is intense, check out what happens when a fully funded video crew takes a Lamborghini and drives it up and down a ski mountain. Insane!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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