Soulja Boy and Bow Wow street race through residential area

Street racing is illegal for a reason, but yet rap stars Soulja Boy and Bow Wow decided to street race their Lamborghinis through a residential area. I'm not typically one to point the finger at something like this, but these dudes are hitting second gear in a Lamborghini through a neighborhood. There could be kids playing, pedestrians crossing the street, etc. What if little Johnny runs out in the street to get his ball while these clowns are street racing down the road? They seriously could have killed someone. Despite the extremely low death rate according to illegal street racing statistics, driving like this through these areas drastically increases the chance a fatal accident might occur!

So how fast were they going? Second gear in a Lamborghini is about 60 to 80 miles per hour, more than fast enough to cause a horrific accident. If you think this isn't street racing, look again. They see each other at a stop sign, communicate they want to have a speed contest, and then race from one stop sign to the next. Watching the houses fly by in the background, I can only cringe to think that these guys are ripping through what could be your neighborhood. Watch out! Neighborhoods aren't safe anymore thanks to the antics these two performers are bringing to the streets.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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