The best drag racing save ever!

This video is sure to make you go "whoa!" During a drag race involving a high powered Camaro, the unthinkable occurred which yielded one of the best drag racing saves ever. Under the ten second mark in the quarter mile, almost anything can happen. At these levels of power, it's not only a matter of if, but when! Thanks to the following video footage, we get to see a narrow escape of the unthinkable just after a hole shot. Right after the Camaro gets out of the hole, something happens and the car goes up on two wheels. Pointed towards the wall, pretty much everyone assumes it's all over for this driver and car; but yet they pull through unscathed. Regaining control just inches away from death, the driver with a little help from the drag racing gods pulls off the best drag racing save ever!

Out of all the footage I have seen, I have never seen a save like this. Not only did he keep the car from flipping, he kept it from eating the wall too! Imagine what could have happened had the driver not reacted with perfect timing. The car would have rolled over and then smashed into the wall at about 70 miles per hour with direct force. Slamming into the wall at these speeds with a perpendicular angle can be fatal, and probably would have scattered the Camaro into a million pieces across the track. This just goes to show you that miracles do happen, and we are lucky enough to have caught this one on tape.

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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